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Founder President

founder president

Neelu Tuli

Neelu Tuli,our founder president, was a visionary,a natural leader and above all the most wonderful human being who touched the lives of everyone she came in contact with during her lifetime.Driven by a genuine urge to help the needy and her ultimate belief that “Noone should die of cancer due to lack of funds. she along with six other enthusiasts established Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society on 23rd May,1997.The team embarked upon a mission to light the lamp of hope,compassion and empathy in the lives of people suffering from cancer.


Ironically,Neelu was herself diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.She continued to fight for the cause with great courage till her last breath.Her last mission was to provide home for Sahayta in Sector 15 B,Chandigarh.