APC Events

Sahayta Bal Cancer Sahyog endeavours to support,love and care the destitute and less privileged cancer patients.It is our sincere effort to organize a number of events to uplift the spirits of these children afflicted with cancer.Sahayta ensures every year that the children undergoing treatment during festival time do not miss the fun and frolic.With the … Continue reading "APC Events"

Pink Walk

October all over the world is marked as an annual international health campaign for Breast Cancer awareness and is termed as Pink October,hoping for all women to be in pink of health through awareness and early diagnosis.In 2005,Breast Cancer Walk was organized for the first time in Chandigarh by Sahayta.Every year,new set of people and … Continue reading "Pink Walk"

No Tobacco Day

All over the world 31st May is celebrated as No Tobacco Day to make children aware of the harmful effects of tobacco.Sahayta organizes inter-school poster making competition,slogan competition,declamation contest to catch the students at a young age.Sahayta started celebrating this day in 2008 and since then St.Stephen’s School has been hosting the show for us.Around … Continue reading "No Tobacco Day"

World Cancer Day

Every year ‘World Cancer Day’ is celebrated on 4th Febraury at our Sahayta Cancer Kendra, Sector 15 B,Chandigarh where our esteemed donors in the memory of their loved ones give one time help to each cancer patient/family referred by Hospital Volunteers.Neelu Tuli award of Rs.20,000,Gagan Toor Award of Rs.10,000,Col. I.S. Loomba Protsahan Award of Rs.10,000,Jeevan … Continue reading "World Cancer Day"

Survivors’ Day

Sahayta celebrates this day on 2Nd Saturday of February every year to salute all the brave warriors of cancer as survival for them is a ‘Celebration of Life’.In 1998,Survivors’ Day was celebrated in Chandigarh for the first time with the message that there is life after cancer and it is meaningful.Sahayta presents a well-coordinated show … Continue reading "Survivors’ Day"

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