About us

About Us

What we do?


Sahayta began its journey in January 1997 and was formally registered on 23 May 1997 by Neelu Tuli along with founder members Dr(Mrs)Swatantar Kapoor, Dr Virender Kappal, and Arvind Tuli. Sahayta has grown from a handful of volunteers working from home with a paltry budget of Rs. 50,000/- in 1998 to a dedicated team of more than 50 volunteers working from our own Sahayta Cancer Kendra with a budget of more than Rs 50 lacs. Many organizations, good Samaritans and many industrial houses have reposed their faith in us which sustains our ever-expanding projects.

Our Mission

Our avowed mission is to provide holistic help to cancer patients, survivors and their families with the selfless service of our committed volunteers driven by compassion and humility. Join us in our crusade and experience the joy of caring and sharing.

Our Vision

We want to realize our dream that no one should die of cancer for want of money or awareness by working in tandem with doctors, other NGOs and Authorities to develop effective cancer control programmes aimed at early detection, prevention, improving quality of life of cancer patients and availability of affordable treatment.


Sahayta Cancer Sahyog endeavors to provide holistic help to individuals touched by cancer. Our intention is to instill confidence, hope and courage in the minds of patients and their family members. We extend our helping hand, after assessing the situation, according to the varying needs of the individuals (social, emotional, financial or relating to information) without hurting their self respect.

Why Sahyog

Sahayta Cancer Sahyog is an emotional support group. Our aim is to spread the message that diagnosis of Cancer is not the end of the road. There’s life after cancer and it is meaningful. The patients after treatment are fit and ready to join the mainstream of life. The word cancer is dreaded by one and all.

The emotional turmoil, the stress and strain, the patient goes through, before and during the treatment, takes heavy toll on the patient and his family. Sahayta Cancer Sahyog endeavors to provide an additional support system for their emotional needs, offering information and understanding.

Typical Recipients

Sangeetha, Neha and Karan’s mother, was forced into prostitution by her husband. When cancer incapacitated her, she was thrown out of the house along with her children. Sahayta sponsored her treatment for a year but she succumbed to metastasized cancer, leaving behind two children with no one to look after them. Sahayta legally adopted Neha and Karan and moved them to a local orphanage. They are regularly visited by their Sahayta aunts whom they have become very attached to. Without Sahayta, they would have been left to die on the streets.


Sahayta is part of national and international cancer support groups like CACI and CCCI.