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What’s in our 2018 Guide to Open Enrollment?

Our guide to buying coverage for 2018 is loaded with tips for finding plans that fit your needs and budget – even before enrollment starts

Steve Anderson

October 23, 2017

Obamacare open enrollment resources

  • Our 10-chapter guide to Obamacare’s open enrollment
  • Dozens of enrollment FAQs
  • Enrollment tools, including subsidy and penalty calculators
  • State enrollment overviews – with details on rate increases and updates on carrier participation
The headlines about the Affordable Care Act this year – with news of carriers exiting markets, cost-sharing reduction subsidies going unfunded, and higher premiums ahead – are enough to make any health plan buyer shiver with fear.
But as Louise Norris reports in her latest update on the individual health insurance market, consumers shouldn’t fear open enrollment. Though the individual health insurance market may seem to be in turmoil, there’s much about the annual Obamacare open enrollment process that is largely unchanged.
Of course, we know plan buyers have plenty of questions and concerns. The good news is that we’re again providing answers about enrollment in our updated Insider’s Guide to Obamacare’s Open Enrollment.The “expert” behind the guide is contributor Louise Norris, whose stellar coverage of all things ACA has made her a respected source for major media who cover state health insurance marketplaces.

Have more enrollment questions?

If the guide doesn’t answer all of your questions, you’ll
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enrollment FAQs.

Helpful plan-buying tools

Here are just a few tools that can speed up you plan shopping:

What’s happening in your state?

Wondering what’s happening with premiums and plan
availability in your state? Louise Norris has the latest
updates on changes within your marketplace.